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Trip to Yamagata | Shall we participate in Community?
Gateway to Yamagata Tourist Information site "Trip to Yamagata,"
We make with all local,
It is sightseeing information site of a lot of charm.

Including the local government and tourist association of the prefecture,
People engaged in sightseeing such as the accommodations or restaurant,
Yamagata is also ... to general net user loving

You are reporter heaping up sightseeing of Yamagata, too,
Do you not send charm of Yamagata?

"Trip to Yamagata | Community" participation condition (participants recruit concentration)
Participation condition is one belonging to any of the following, and it is in one where we want to send sightseeing information of Yamagata to.

・Person who belongs to the local government and tourist association in Yamagata Prefecture
・Member of tourist association in Yamagata Prefecture

※Participation terms of our site member terms of samidare,
 We apply privacy policy and acceptable use policy mutatis mutandis.
※We may have you refrain from participation by judgment of the secretariat.
 Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Flow of "Trip to Yamagata | Community" participation
1.Apply from the following application forms.

2.Registration method and dispatch method arrive by email from the secretariat.

3.It becomes application completion when we had news email from the secretariat.

4.According to contents of email, let's send Reviews information to Trip to Yamagata!

Participation application from this

※Please fill in required item (participation type / name / address / phone number / e-mail address) without exception.
  • Participation type
    Member of tourist association
  • Name
  • E-Mail address
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Remarks

※The transmitted information is protected by SSL. About personal information, we manage with responsibility based on privacy policy. Please inquire by form for a correction or deletion of the personal information that was transmitted.
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