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[sold out for this year] Pure mijiu - which is recommended in U.S. crane purely U.S. firefly label - summer


It is pure mijiu per mouth worth drinking.
"On the rocks" to put ice in coming hot season, and to swallow up is recommended!


※7/6 postscript※

As for "the purely U.S. firefly label," product of all size became sold out because of favorable reception.

Release plans after next April on the next time.

Sake is drink which is kind to body if we wear even right how to drink.
In group drinking group and alcohol which is not so swallowing up sake in the evidence,
Various differences emerge for statistics data about health.
Influence on number of liver, influence on skin, influence on cancer are known to representative difference,
Result that sake is advantageous to health is given all.

However, sake which originally has high drinking alcohol frequency,
It is drink which is too heavy to just drink in the summertime.
Therefore it is style that what we want to recommend to floats one or two ice and drinks.

It looks like such how to drink was detested as "the wrong way" to sake fan,
As method to drink sake in sake warehousemans refreshingly in the summertime,
It is how to drink that has been considered to be commonplace from ancient times.

But this method includes one fault. It is that rich taste of liquor is spoiled.

In the U.S. cranes, we overcame this by using yeast developed newly well.
In using yeast producing body developed in Yamagata Prefecture engineering center in a good balance,
Even 10% of alcohol frequency realizes balanced taste.

As for "the U.S. crane purely U.S. firefly label to introduce here," the alcohol frequency of the contents is 14%,
In this situation as we feel to be slightly strong,
, which becomes refreshing taste when we float one or two ice and drank
It is unprecedented pure mijiu.

By the way, Niijuku district (Niijuku, Takahata-machi, Higashiokitama-gun, Yamagata) that is Address of the U.S. crane,
Of firefly, Japanese firefly, Luciola parvula, black Pyrocoelia
It is place where four kinds of fireflies inhabit.

Taste comment _____________________________

Refreshing fragrance. Acidity that taste is fluent, and is refreshing and moderate bitterness
We tighten leaving an impression behind. It is good light pure mijiu in hot season.

________________________ which we recommend to such a person


Person who is looking for sake to drink in summer
Person who is looking for summer-limited product
Person who wants sake which is pleasant visually


Brand name U.S. crane purely U.S. firefly label
Raw materials rice

Village, Dewa of Yamagata Prefecture production feather shiningly

Rice cleaning rate 65%
Alcoholicity 14%
Sake degree -17
The acidity 2.3
Yeast Yamagata yeast
Retail price desired
1,800 ml 2,540 yen (tax-excluded)
720 ml 1,270 yen (tax-excluded)


Yonetsuru Sake Brewery: Image

Yonetsuru Sake Brewery

It is origin of brewing of Takahata-machi, Yamagata nomahorobano sake brewery "U.S. crane" (yonetsuru). Of the U.S. crane.

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