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The 28th Lord Yozan symposium Sunday, August 26 holding

The 28th Lord Yozan symposium Sunday, August 26 holding: Image

The 26th Lord Yozan symposium holding
"War Eri who scratches Yonezawa feudal clan for Boshin War 150 years"

Date and time Sunday, August 26, 2018
   The curtain rises at opening 2:00 p.m. at 1:30 p.m.
―Senior retainer Nagato Irobe who followed Niigata, and fought―
At the time of Boshin War 150 years ago, Yonezawa feudal clan performed what, and how did you fight?
Symposium of this year Boshin War and Yonezawa feudal clan in that in particular
We still think about senior retainer "Nagato Irobe" honored publicly in Niigata, Yonezawa.

Venue Denkoku-no-Mori (museum) Okitama culture hall
   ※As there is not rearranging ticket, please come early.

Meeting which honors sponsorship Uesugi Lord Yozan and ancient people of native district publicly
   The inquiry 090-2027-4572 secretariat: Takahashi
Support Yonezawa Season Festival Committee
The cosponsorship Yonezawa-shi Board of Education
Support Yonezawa-shi art lyceum, Yonezawa-shi history group communication meeting


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Comment from lecturer: Image

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