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Asahi Peaks mountain climbing information


Winter season closure information (November 12, 2018 3:00 p.m.)

General prefectural road foamy fall Miyajuku line

Regulation division : Full-scale suspension of traffic
Regulation period : H30. 11.12 ~ for the time being
Time : Daylong



House of the Asahi mineral spring naturalist


Business of 2018 on Sunday, November 4

It was finished.



The following, work progress of 2018 in total.


Road to Asahikosen was opened with the whole line on Saturday, May 26, 2018.

We can enter by car to Asahikosen.


[notice matter]

From Asahikosen this side 14km (winter season closure gate Establishment point, "Tachiki" last village)

The Asahikosen side does not contain electric wave of cell-phone including Asahikosen.

Asahikosen this side after 7km is simple pavement and unpaved forest road section,

As road maintenance becomes bad road of contained thing, please be careful for driving enough.



With parking lot (around ten) for mountaineer general in Asahikosen starting point of a mountain climb

There is Asahikosen user (accommodation, use of lunch, bathing) parking lot.

As, as for the summer, parking lot is crowded, one except use of Asahikosen

Please park to general parking lot by all means.

Starting point of a mountain climb is in front of the Asahikosen.


It is with photograph and is plain.

There is advice in case of use of car navigation system.

↓ ↓↓↓↓↓↓ ↓

Access (house HP of Asahikosen naturalist) to Asahikosen


 Homepage from this

House field satellite phone (090-7664-5880) of Asahikosen naturalist


<2018 mountain climbing bus (summer, fall) service>

◆Summer mountain climbing bus from Saturday, July 14, 2018 to Monday, August 20

◆Fall mountain climbing bass

  ●Sep consecutive holidays bus �9 15 days a month from Saturday to 17th Monday (holiday)

           �9 22 days a month from Saturday to 24th Monday (holiday)

  ●Oct consecutive holidays bus from Saturday, October 6 to 8th Monday (holiday)

For more details, please see this. (house HP of Asahikosen naturalist)




[foamy fall, Asahikosen starting point of a mountain climb]

Asahi-machi general industrial section (0237-67-2113)


[Tengu, Sun living Sawanobori Yamaguchi]

Nishikawa-machi business and industry sightseeing section (0237-74-2111)


[to Kotera Kosen Exit]

Oe-machi policy promotion section (0237-62-2111)


Mountaineering memo downloading
Mountaineering club supporting Asahi Peaks

◆Asahi mountaineering club (Asahi-machi / Asahikosen mouth / foamy fall mouth) 

◆Nishikawa mountaineering club (Nishikawa-machi / Tengu mouth, Sun living Sawaguchi)

◆Oe mountaineering club (Oe-machi / Kotera Kosen Exit)

◆Meeting (Oguni-machi / Oguni Gomi Sawaguchi) which loves specific nonprofit undertaking corporation Iitoyo Asahi

Related information
●Introduction site of Asahi Peaks, Mt. Gassan, Hayama is open in April, 2016!



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 In quiet town of approximately 8,000 population that Asahi-machi, Yamagata is located in middle western district of Yamagata Prefecture.

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