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[recruitment of participants] Morning of Saturday, September 29 Sun townsman mountain climbing ※It was finished※

[recruitment of participants] Morning of Saturday, September 29 Sun townsman mountain climbing ※It was finished ※: Image

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Asahi Peaks which is symbol of Asahi-machi.

From spring to autumn, many mountaineers aim at the highest peak, Mt. Oasahidake.

A lot of highlight pleases mountaineer in particularly autumn colored leaves season, too.

Do you not challenge Asahi Peaks of the colored leaves golden age with guide of Asahi mountaineering club?


◆<Date and Time>    Saturday, September 29 (5:15 a.m. wound play building meeting)     

◆20 one first arrival that is higher than fifth grader targeted for participation

        (participation of the small, junior high student assumes protector companion.)

◆Courses    Wound play building meeting, starting ~ Kotera Kosen mouth ~ old temple mountain ~ small Asahidake

         Mt. ~ old temple ~ Kotera Kosen Exit ~ wound play building

◆Participation fee    Adult 2,000 yen primary and secondary student 1,000 yen

◆Application    Until Friday, September 21 wound play hall, western part public hall, Mount Akiha association building,

          In one of the mountaineering club secretariat (government office general industrial section)

         You attach participation fee, and apply.

◆The inquiry Asahi mountaineering club secretariat (�67-2111 (main) in government office general industrial section

      ※We may be changed by weather or traffic condition until the day before.


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Is charmed by Mt. Oasahidake of town formula HP Asahi townsman mountain climbing ~ 100 famous mountains in Japan colored leaves; and ~




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Asahi-machi tourist association: Image

Asahi-machi tourist association

 In quiet town of approximately 8,000 population that Asahi-machi, Yamagata is located in middle western district of Yamagata Prefecture.

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