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●Barrel flat brewing sake lees is available●

●Barrel flat brewing sake lees is available ●: Image

Season of "sake lees" came over in the middle of September!

It is popular sake lees that a reservation is made every year in hometown.

◆Sell cucumber, eggplant, let alone kasuzuke of nado vegetables!
Even if we pickle to sake lees which fixed taste lightly and grill slice and meat of fish and eat
Very delicious!
In winter, ingredients dakusanno sake lees soup is particular, too! !(^^)! where body warms repeatedly◆

"Effect characteristic of sake lees"

It is protective efficacy of disease called present age disease such as diabetes and cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, osteoporosis that is big by effect to have of sake lees. For example, insulin-like material is found to exist to liquid which extracted sake lees in Wed, and it is expected that it is useful for treatment of diabetes. Explanation of detailed effect about all diseases leaves out, but sake lees has very abundant various nutrients such as vitamins. It may be said that it is strong viewpoint to live a healthy life.

"Beauty effect fair skin effect of sake lees"

It will be this fair skin, beauty effect that attract attention in effect to have of sake lees most. We said that sake lees has work helping the digestive organs at the top, but have close to skin relation to the bowels. Improvement of quality of skin is anticipated by enteral environment being regulated well. Furthermore, there is suppress natural activation of melanin causing stain to sake lees, working and is effective for the stain prevention.

We take in sake lees for daily life, and let's make use for health and beauty!

"Barrel flat brewing sake lees" 4 kilos

Amazing nutritive value! Please inflect to various dishes
We include protein, vitamin B1, B2, and beauty effect is outstanding, too.

Warehouseman: Barrel flat brewing
Inner capacity: 4 kilos
Product cord: kasu

Price 2,210 yen (tax-included)


"Barrel flat brewing sake lees 2K"

In coming season becoming cold, we make sake lees soup, and let's warm!
It is slightly small 2K size.

Warehouseman: Barrel flat brewing
Inner capacity: 2 kg
Product cord: ka

Price 1,190 yen (tax-included)



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Shine brightly! Gift of local sake ~ liquor of Yamagata to Haneda liquor shop: Image

Shine brightly! Gift of local sake ~ liquor of Yamagata to Haneda liquor shop

◆◆ that thank you very much for coming in homepage of Haneda liquor shop .

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