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Taiyo-kan Festival of 2018 autumns

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Sunday is Taiyo-kan Festival for Saturday, October 6, seven days!
Events pleasant every day in rotation is varied♪
Recommendation "enshrines world beer" ...! How about tasting beer of ten kinds of all the countries of the world while eating croquette for exclusive use of cubed steak and beer, grilled cow skewer; or (^◇^)
We hold raw live and festival stand by local musician with every day!

... held for six days ★We will make with beads♪
         We will make cake and animal mascot with beads! (free of charge, time required around one hour)
         The first 10:30 ~ second 13:30 ~

Both Sun holding ... ★Music stage ♪ ♪ (both Sun 10:30 ~)
          Pop Inoue Goro who is Kentaro Hori @ for six days 
          7th Kentaro Hori yuhopi nine village school dance club Mizuho -K 
        ★Tyler men (we can taste taste of home Thailand)
        ★Balloon clown comes over! w(* ゜ o ゜ *)w
        ★We catch Halloween target practice, cake
        ★Revival for a limited time! One coin manipulative treatment
        ★Autumn crop city

<Location> Open space in front of the Taiyo-kan (JR Takahata Station)
<Time> 10:00~16:00

◆As you hold various hot spring Events, during Taiyo-kan Festival period, please use◆

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