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★. ★... beauty Kura which we had than the yesterday's customer

★. ★... beauty Kura which we had than the yesterday's customer: Image

Than teacher of aroma classroom nearly yesterday

We had when we did "cherry tree lecture" (^. ^) v

In yesterday and day before yesterday and two days "hand cream of cherry tree"

Product raretatokadeshita.

"Fragrance of cherry tree" assumes that we open cover and seems to be somewhat good.

We did, and means means seemed to be good again again when we painted hand.

Fragrance of cherry tree seems to use thing which we extracted from cherry tree.

Thank you (^. ^) v


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cafe' gallery beauty Kura: Image

cafe' gallery beauty Kura

Shrine near shrine, the cat of dog 〒 992-0313 911, Kouyasu, Takahata-machi  .

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