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["all and Nagai of river" make its grand opening]

["all and Nagai of river" make its grand opening] : Image

It was today's weather that was worry, but God of ... sky smiles all the time from last week
Today when we were endowed with grace of diligence of Nagai citizen or splendid weather whether you gave,
(^O^)/ where Roadside Station "all and Nagai of river" reached grand opening with the crackle

▼Shinto ritual is carried out before ceremony solemnly, and this Roadside Station does well,
We prayed that it greatly developed together.

▼Black lion of Higashiyama Kokuzo-son is shown, guests
To customers faith.

▼When red-and-white steamed bun is served in shop front in commemoration of today,
To visitors who waited impatiently for opening smile.

▼Port and product building area which are greens cannot move in many people
Become this, at one time for entrance restrictions ... ((+_+) where caused trouble)

▼There are people coming from Kansai area distantly, and is commemorative stamp of Roadside Station promptly
This is got and.

▼At food corner from many confectionaries in the city
Selected Delicacy is collected, and discernibly appetizing sweets are varied.


▼As for the people coming for consultation in guidebook.

You came toward the lot and were able to open safely.
Thank you very much. And before we reach today
People concerned who made an effort for really thank you.

Formal HP:
All and Nagai of Roadside Station river 
Such as Events information of Roadside Station, special product introduction, guidebook
Various news is published at any time

+ : : +* ゜ *+: : *゜ cherry tree communication 2017 +: : *゜゜ *+: : *゜
▼If, by rise of Temp from yesterday, one night passes; in anything and "full bloom!"

▼Observation Thu

▼Mogami riverside 1,000 cherry tree

Well, long-awaited season came.
Let's enjoy motakkusan this year before cherry tree of Nagai is scattered!

▼We check this!
Sightseeing in Yamagata Nagai station "visiting long cherry trees special feature"
゜ *+: : *゜ *+: : +* ゜ +: : +* ゜ *+: : +* ゜ *+:: +* ゜ *+: It is *+: : +*

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