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The 2017/4/21 cherry tree flowering situation

The 2017/4/21 cherry tree flowering situation: Image

It is the cherry tree flowering situation as of April 21!
As positive light arrives well warmly today, Sakura advances considerably, too.

Yoshino cherry tree in Kama-no-Etsu farm village Park of Cherry Blossom Festival venue has begun to bloom.


Cherry Blossom Festival venue, Kama-no-Etsu cherry tree second Thu



"Yakushi zakura" (high ball, approximately 1,200 years years old)
We flower!
It blooms and will reach in full bloom from now on as it is the beginning.



"Cherry tree of baby sitting temple" (Ayukai, approximately 1,020 years years old)
We flower yesterday. It blooms and is the beginning.



"Rear hermitage zakura" (Ayukai, approximately 680 years years old)
We flowered. It blooms and is the beginning.



"Yakushi zakura of Akasaka" (Ayukai, approximately 970 years years old)
We flower yesterday. It blooms and is the beginning.



"Yaotome seeding zakura" (rough grindstone, approximately 500 years years old)
This was still bud.



"zakura with lord" (Asadachi, approximately 680 years years old)
4/17 flowering. It is coming out now for five minutes.



"12 cherry trees" (Yamaguchi)
This seems to bloom without toad which is bud, too.



"Yamaguchi encouragement of study cherry tree" (Yamaguchi)
We flower today. We open flower by today's weather more and more.



Designation name temple "cherry tree of Amitabha hall" (Ten Kings of Hades)
We do not go until full bloom, but are in full bloom!



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