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Sorry to have kept you waiting!

  • Sorry to have kept you waiting!
  • Sorry to have kept you waiting!
  • Sorry to have kept you waiting!

It is Nakano sightseeing orchard ~ Fruits Cafe Rulave ~.

Sorry to have kept you waiting very for a long time, everyone!

 Our "Cherry picking" became opening of the park from June 5, 2017.

As you install discount ticket of our Cherry picking in association of e-mail magazine coupon in our HP or sightseeing product and each facility, you bring by all means, and please visit♪

In addition, new item that employed flesh, fruit juice of Sankurambo abundantly even if we got up to our cafe!

"Sankurambo shake 2017 became sale, too"♪

Others, souvenirs made specially in Yamagata and Sankurambo "Sato Nishiki Cherry" heard advance reservation sale of "deep red exceedingly high mountain".

 We wait for your visiting, all the staff heartily ♪ Let' s Che re-~♪♪♪



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Nakano sightseeing orchard: Image

Nakano sightseeing orchard

Spot where there is fruit hunting in Tendo-shi, Yamagata. Cherry picking, peach picking, budo.

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