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☆★☆ It is around three steps of amateur making soba authorized meeting! ☆★☆

☆★☆ It is around three steps of amateur making soba authorized meeting! ☆★☆ : Image

We hold around three steps of amateur making soba authorized meeting as follows in 2018.

Please arrive with your friends.

※We can eat delicious soba having just finished beating in venue. (from 11:00 to 14:00)
 Come casually.


   Ranked person of << amateur making soba aimed. Furthermore, challenge upper grade, and show the skill; >>.

   Sunday, October 7 9:30 ~


Location: Sagae-shi JA Sagae Honjo, Nishimurayama special event space

   991-0061 Chuo, Sagae-shi industrial area 75


Reference (we would like telephone)

   The meeting secretariat (Sasaki, Nakano)

   991-0523 Sagae-shi larger section of a village Yakuwa character riverbank 919-6 Sankurambo hall



※In addition, as for the Sagae authorization meet of first grade, around two steps, the 22nd "Yamagata amateur making soba expert meeting" plans holding again on Sunday, December 2 of the next day on Saturday, December 1.


※We release performance to beat against side to music happily in YouTube. We input with "making soba", and "oldness and Sagae" search in search column of YouTube, and please see.


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Oldness and Sagae side studio: Image

Oldness and Sagae side studio

It is "oldness and Sagae side studio" of amateur making soba love group. All local interest shinotame ..

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