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[scenery of crowd of Nagai]

[scenery of crowd of Nagai] : Image

August 11 is "Sun of mountain" /^ △ ^ \ yesterday

In the west of Nagai-shi, it is more than 1000m named generally with Nishiyama in
Asahi mountain range ranges, let alone mountain climbing and trekking,
Spot that is most suitable for outdoor and slight drive
Varied. We introduce part (^^♪ 

~ Hayama area ~

▼Hayama Shinrinkoen (west root district Kanjindai)

Because one "Hayama" of Asahiyama line is available for one-day mountain climbing, too,
Be got close to citizen including local school events and parent and child event
One of the mountains which there is. (*^_^*)
In Shinrinkoen other than camping facility near of Noboru Hayama Yamaguchi
There is one "white rabbit mouth".

▼Ancient hill Jomon village (west root district Kusaoka)

Village has the accommodations such as bungalows in Jomon, too, walk and camping on holiday
It is place where is ideal for this. When is surrounded by huge clay doll image and pit-type houses, in circle
Lost different space, and was crowded; do feel mysterious?…? c(Θ_Θ)?

~ Nogawa area ~

▼Nogawa learns; hall (plains district Hirayama)

We can learn Nature Experience or water cycle, Wed culture
Environmental learning facility.
It is Ishibuchi Valley, Kumano Shrine approach to a shrine entrance, doterijihei skiing area near by
But, there is, and there is Nagai Dam by car upstream again for approximately five minutes.

▼Ishibuchi Valley
Flow and bave rock that are daring in spite of being small valley in the foot of Nagai Dam
Characteristic. Nogawa learns, and valley bank Promenade is maintained by hall.

▼Kumano Shrine approach to a shrine entrance

It is approach to a shrine which is used as mountain trail of Mt. Kumano.

▼doterijihei (doshojidaira) skiing area
Sacred place of winter sports of Nagai. It is popular among trekking,
It becomes mountain trail of Mt. Kumano from slope top.

▼Nagai Dam

The height of the dam is 125.5m. In Yamagata Prefecture one and the Tohoku district of eminence
We are proud of height.

▼Lake 100 long autumns (dam lake)

Dragon King Ohashi appearing in lake in 100 long autumns is view 360 degrees
It is View Point of superb view which can overlook lake in 100 long autumns.

When we come out of Nagai Dam more to the Kijiyama dam area of interior,
Northeastern Matterhorn and praised Mt. Iwaigame is beautiful
Nogawa Valley spreads out. /^ △ ^ \

To Nagai among Wed of blessing of mountain and beautiful nature
We come by all means and bake (^^♪

~ discount ~
▼Rice field of the foot of Nishiyama
The left photograph is photographed on May 26. Rice grows smoothly!

Under recruitment of members of long fan club!]
☆E-mail magazine is delivered to member of fan club every month on 1st, 15th♪
▼Application from this!


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