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◆Platinum medal receiving a prize! Ice suite Niagara◆

◆Platinum medal receiving a prize! Ice suite Niagara ◆: Image

With domestic white wine with "the best Japanese wine" of blue ribbon,
Greatest in "in mou in Japan, with wine 2017," is expert, "ice suite Niagara" of Oura wine which won "platinum medal" with examination of lover section.
Platinum medal receiving a prize wine more than gold is available! 

In pole sweet dessert wine, we use regional grape "Niagara".
Sweet wine is absolutely recommended to favorite person!
I drank, too, but am really delicious ☆*
Fruit taste of Niagara itself! Fragrance is valid!

◆It is Delicacy which we hung labor and time to make using thick fruit juice except water by letting grape freeze◆

Stylish bottle of beautiful azure is fashion.
It seems to be pleased with present to woman♪

[Oura wine ice suite Niagara] White pole sweet 375 ml

Greatest in "in mou in Japan won blue ribbon platinum medal with wine 2017"
It is pole sweet white wine!
Really delicious ♪ Please swallow up favorite sweet wine!

Winery: Oura wine
Inner capacity: 375 ml
Product cord: na

Price 2,160 yen (tax-included)



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Shine brightly! Gift of local sake ~ liquor of Yamagata to Haneda liquor shop: Image

Shine brightly! Gift of local sake ~ liquor of Yamagata to Haneda liquor shop

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