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[early fall scenery this and that PART2]

[early fall scenery this and that PART2] : Image

A rain is intermittent; as for the lingering summer heat to where completely in autumn
It is Nagai-shi becoming.

By the way, we told about state of town naka walk and autumn festival with our blog the other day,
We collected small topics in town which we were not able to introduce as PART2.

~ shonenshojonen* dance ~
Isazawa elementary school adjacent to "Sakura Kubo" which is famous for Furuki of cherry tree.

▼"nen* dance" that is played in season of cherry tree by district inhabitants,
It was shown at district athletic meet by children.

Clothes were elaborate, too and delighted people of sightseeing.

~ which ~ Nishiokitama disaster prevention Festa needs
In play that featured the theme of disaster prevention held every year in Nishiokitama disaster prevention center
Events to be able to learn happily which we can make method and disaster prevention awareness of refuge.

▼Fire engine and ladder car are always quite popular with children.

In addition, people of member of fire department are easy in fire extinguishing drainage or picture-story show
He/she emphasized disaster prevention.

Picture display ~ of high school student industrial in ~ Ayamekoen Station
Station "Ayamekoen Station" that is the newest in Flower Nagai Line.
We neighbor in Nagai technical high school and are got close to industrial life very much,
It is station taken good care of.

▼Picture to display waiting room. Movie of industrial live voluntary production seems to be described in motif.

Until tradition and town naka art of traditional arts, antenna diverges into many branches,
Is beloved feeling not transmitted through citizen's town?
Small autumn scenery that is healed though we are not showy at all, it is introduction island shin (*^_^*) again

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