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Twenty-four seasons in the old calendar 72 marquis [Kanro (kanro)] Chrysanthemum flower open 

That morning and evening are cool; if is colder, should express; is time of [Kanro] in marquises these days in 72 in the twenty-four seasons in the old calendar.
[Kanro] This refers the time when night gets longer, and the dew is felt to be cold. Cooling of morning and evening becomes hard, but fine autumn Sun which is easy to spend time that atmosphere was clear is increasing time. We can see Mon shining neatly more beautifully when we look up at night sky.

[) to open flower of working Chrysanthemum flower open (]
We call from 13 to 17 on October [Chrysanthemum flower open].
It is about time when chrysanthemum blooms and is time when exhibition or chrysanthemum Festival, competitive show of chrysanthemum are carried out in each place. Nanyo-shi is famous for chrysanthemum near this hotel.
To chrysanthemum of perpetual youth and longevity is said that is medicable, and there seem to be manners and customs to drink "Chrysanthemum flower liquor" which had chrysanthemum in its liquor at festival of Chrysanthemum Festival on September 9 in the old calendar.

In this hotel,
We mix chrysanthemum with appetizer and pile chrysanthemum in vinegared food and we display chrysanthemum to wife of sashimi offer sense of the seasons of [Kanro] to customer.

Homepage of hot water hot spring Iide inn of vug from this. We point as net reservation privilege and return! Discount can enjoy trip with point that we accumulated!

Chrysanthemum Festival of Nanyo is held in no charge for admission today until from 13th to November 12! Please enjoy Nanyo, Yamagata chrysanthemum Festival and hot water hot spring of vug at this opportunity

Thank you, as for the raw sake of vug, for training was sold out in last year. Young sake raw sake using new rice plans sale of about the middle of November. I'm sorry, but wait a minute.


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[news of frog] Iide-machi, Yamagata gamano hot water hot spring Iide inn blog

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