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[news of Nagai culture corridor 2017]

[news of Nagai culture corridor 2017] : Image

Begin the end game in October, and is many places if it is the weekend; Events
Of Yamagata let's enjoy with all one's might before being long, and being cold ..., and reaching winter (*^_^*)

"Nagai culture corridor" began this year.
This Events which was started in last year historic cultural property in Nagai
Decorate by modern idea and art, as art museum one in the whole town
Novel plan to catch.

▼State of last year. There is surprised device in sake brewery and,
Art work is displayed in general store store; and ...


Theme "wait circulation Museum."
Period : Until Saturday, October 28 ~ Sunday, November 5
<Location> : Tokamachi neighborhood has a lot; from this

Good old building left in many places in the city while waiting, and reconfirming regular
When it rotates on foot, how about?

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