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"Treasure exhibition in Shirataka-machi industry fair 2017 of my home"

"Treasure exhibition in Shirataka-machi industry fair 2017 of my home:" Image

Events of Shirataka-machi industry fair 2017 held in 11/4 ~ 11/5 concerned

Shirataka cultural exchange center ayumunite is performed "treasure exhibition in Shirataka-machi industry fair 2017 of my home".

Bridal costume which was used as paper of Uesugi feudal clan for approximately 400 years, and was made with Fukayama Japanese paper inherited from generation to generation,

We concentrate humped-head goldfish inherited in each place in the town block and display.

Check it out!

◆Date and time November 3, 2017 Friday (holiday) ~ Sunday, November 12
      From 9:00 to 19:00 ※It becomes closing on Monday.

◆Venue Shirataka-machi cultural exchange center ayumu

◆Admission for free

◆Contact Shirataka cultural exchange center ayumu TEL 0238-85-9071


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Shirataka-cho Tourist Association (official site)

We send sightseeing information of Shirataka-machi. Safflower, autumn are komori in spring in sweetfish, winter in cherry tree, summer.

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