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Mountain sound and concert in Kawanishi making together are held on Saturday, February 3.

Mountain sound and concert in Kawanishi making together are held on Saturday, February 3. : Image

 In Kawanishi-machi friendly plaza, we will carry out concert of Yamagata Symphony Orchestra with Yamagata Prefecture, Yamagata Prefecture lifelong learning culture foundation on Saturday, February 3, 2018.

 Because we arrange opportunity when Yamagata Symphony Orchestra which is professional orchestra group plays jointly with local music-lover or student, and this concert is performed to aim at the spread of local music culture,
All of Kawanishi-machi Tachikawa Nishinaka school brass band club will play this time with Yamagata Symphony Orchestra.

Please come to hear orchestra and performance of pride Kawanishi Junior High School brass band club of Okitama, Kawanishi that Yamagata is proud of by all means.

The curtain rises at 15:00 on performance Sun Saturday, February 3, 2018 (the 14:30 opening)
Admission    General 1,100 yen (1,300 yen on that day)
<< all seat freedom >> 500 yen (700 yen on that day) lower than high school student
    Kawanishi-machi friendly plaza, sentence run; hall, prefectural office Purchasing Section, mountain sound office
    Lawson ticket (L cord: 22181)
    Ticket PIA (P cord: 100-058)
    Land tax officer religion performance information & TICKETS
    chike sounding out

   *Please refrain from entrance of child before attendance at school.
   ** We prepare temporary nursery. (child older than free of charge, reservation required, 1 year old)
    ・We close as soon as it becomes capacity.
    ・Please refer to Kawanishi-machi friendly plaza for Details

Kawanishi-machi friendly plaza: Image

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