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Subscription for conservatorium senior Courses seventh graduate

Subscription for conservatorium senior Courses seventh graduate: Image

We raise the conservatorium senior Courses seventh graduate attached to Kawanishi-machi friendly plaza in 2018!

It is Courses which we intended for toward the drama beginner 50 years or older. Aiming at this performance success of the end of November, we work on lesson.
A senior generation challenging that people are new gives area and people of the same generation spirit and courage. Please examine one that is interested in drama even slightly.

"Let's play play by senior drama together!
Do you not experience impression that you have not come across?"

~ offer essential point ~
・Period from May, 2018 to March, 2019
・Drama beginner older than offer 50 years old
・Around four times a month of classes (performance is imminent and may increase)
・Basics (utterance, physical work, performance expression, dance, song, theatergoing) of contents drama expression
     How to make, the staff work basics of scene (the stage, lighting, sound, make, device)
・We are going to give a performance in plaza theater in the performance end of November (Mar performs completion mini publicly)
・Lecturer Toshio Kawahara (theatrical company field mustard seat chairperson)
・Tuition monthly basis around 3,000 yen (elsewhere premium for accident insurance participation)

The application deadline is until Sunday, April 15, 2018.
Please contact friendly plaza for curious one casually.

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