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Guidance of picture postcard sale

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We made picture postcard in commemoration of the 30th anniversary at slow in writing temple library.
With tree of `book' in two points of colored papers, "dosoku" which we wrote on manuscript paper of Hisashi Inoue and library
We made five pieces of photographs of tag such as forest which Inoue put on book picture postcard.

It is 500 yen with five pieces of sets! (we sell even one piece of article)
We sell at counter of this hotel. When as there is mail order, you want
Please refer to the following contact information.

Detailed inquiry to Kawanishi-machi friendly plaza.
Telephone: 0238-46-3311 FAX: 0238-46-3313 
E-mail :friendlyplaza@gmail .com

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Kawanishi-machi friendly plaza Events information WEB PLA\\\'s plastic ☆su

We send Events information of Kawanishi-machi friendly plaza.

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