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After festival

After festival: Image

It is scenery of the next day when "Uesugi garden lantern made of snow Festival" was over.

We broke garden lantern made of snow ordinarily as it was dangerous, but lined up unhurt.

Quietness returned.


Is it Yonezawa Castle the third floor trace?

Is it Yonezawa Castle the third floor trace? : Image

After dream of "41st, Uesugi garden lantern made of snow Festival", symbol "Yonezawa Castle the third floor" of Yonezawa Castle who used Tsukiyama before Denkoku-no-Mori (museum) disappeared like smoke.

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Snowman: Image

Snow which it continued to fall from yesterday, and was piled up seemed to put on white overcoat and hat on horizontal snowman of garden lantern made of snow.

Or we see to wear white space suit.

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White spaceship

White spaceship: Image

It was "Denkoku-no-Mori (museum)" closed day today.

We look like spaceship or UFO by snow piled up to shelter against cold in the center of rotary of "Denkoku-no-Mori (museum)".

"We overcharged by festival boom" around and became ga light fantasy-like snow image.

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No face

Face pear: Image

Deuteragonist of "Spirited Away."

As for next "Totoro" snow image, ear is covered with snow piled up, too, and, "hmm" Is it Doraemon?

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: Image

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: Image

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Snow image of Totoro

Snow image of Totoro: Image

Ear is covered with snow piled up, "Doraemon"

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