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U.S. crane Junmai Ginjo Sake 34

U.S. crane Junmai Ginjo Sake 34: Image

<< 2/26 news >>

It was sold out in extreme popularity, and inevitable limited product "brewing sake from the finest rice 34 issue" renewed!

Because quality of liquor was changed from conventional "brewing sake from the finest rice" to "Junmai Ginjo Sake", it was mellower, and taste of rice became able to taste deeply!


Only in 2018, we sell conventional "brewing sake from the finest rice 34 issue" and "Junmai Ginjo Sake 34" in addition this year.

Number includes limit. Customer with interest, please order early!


<< 5/7 postscript >>

Because of favorable reception, 720 ml became sold out. We give thanks.

As stock has 1,800 ml, on order 1,800 ml

We hope that we give order.


Taste comment ________________________________


Junmai Ginjo Sake liquor of gorgeous fragrance and taste that is refreshing, and is, and is mellow.
We can enjoy change of taste for bottle storage liquor of field firing once according to the storage days at bottle time.

___________________________ which we recommend to such a person

・One that has had you have conventional "brewing sake from the finest rice 34"

・Person who wants to be particular about taste and fragrance, both


Brand name The U.S. crane Junmai Ginjo Sake 34 training
Raw materials rice 100% of Miyama brocade (Yamagata Prefecture product)
Rice cleaning rate 55%
Alcoholicity 16%
Sake degree + 2 ~ +4
The acidity 1.2-1.4
Yeast Yamagata yeast
Retail price desired
1,800 ml 2,700 yen (tax-excluded)
720 ml 1,400 yen (tax-excluded)


Voice _________________________________ of customer



Yonetsuru Sake Brewery: Image

Yonetsuru Sake Brewery

It is origin of brewing of Takahata-machi, Yamagata nomahorobano sake brewery "U.S. crane" (yonetsuru). Of the U.S. crane.

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