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Movie "miraculous children" screening society

  • Movie "miraculous children" screening society
  • Movie "miraculous children" screening society

Document of impression that chased ten years before first Japanese gene therapy being performed for the days of fight against illness of rare patient and family of intractable disease "AADC deficiency" that there were only only three people and children nerve intractable disease in Japan, and condition improving.
Older brother and younger sister that two people of patients live in Nanyo-shi. Two chief physicians are pediatrician from Kawanishi-machi, Dr. Mitsuhiro Kato. Dr. Kato works in the Showa University medical department now and we can come to medical treatment every month now in public Okitama general hospital and still examine two.
Tokiko Kato of singer that the narration of movie did the next town last year in concert.

Please see story of the patients with bedridden rare intractable disease and impression that family, "miracle" happened by all means.

There are greetings of Manager Hidetaka Inazuka, Dr. Mitsuhiro Kato, patient and family, too.

●The screening society date and time: It is ~ at the second 14:00 from Sunday, April 22, the first 10:30
●Venue: Kawanishi-machi friendly plaza
●Admission Free of charge lower than general 1,000 yen medium- and high-levels very much straight 500 yen primary schoolchild
※We contribute earnings to patient family society.

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