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[under reservation acceptance of "alpine leek"!]

[under reservation acceptance of "alpine leek"!] : Image

Stamina perfect score! Fantastic wild plants << alpine leek >> which nutritive value is high in.

Period when can harvest is short with approximately two weeks, and from cultivation to the first gain
It is the very rare crop taking approximately 5 years.

▼Alpine leek

Buddhist ascetic of mountaineering asceticism that fragrance is similar to garlic, and mountain is filled with in old days in the case of ascetic practices
Being told supplementation to have eaten to endure asceticism with << alpine leek >>
That it is named origin.

Cooking method including fry-up and boiled greens with dressing varies, too. I attach simple recipe and send!

▼As for this before reference♪

Other than effect stabilizing blood pressure with blood as rustle,
It is said that decline restraint and relieving fatigue effect of eyesight are expected << alpine leek >>.

We send shipment at seasonal time of the late April and early May!
≪Request of alpine leek from this≫
It is amount-limited sale for a limited time. m(__)m which becomes the end as soon as we disappear

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