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[five all together five people!]

[five all together five people!] : Image

Young sake of person of five local sake set "Junmai Ginjo Sake (gorenja)" of Okitama five Kura society
It is beginning to sell with a limitation of amount!

By raw materials that five people have the same five warehousemans of Yamagata Prefecture Okitama district, the same production method
We can taste difference in flavor every warehouseman in spite of being liquor which we brewed,
We compare, and ultimate drink is, so to speak, set.


Small cherry tree type 300 ml of people of five Junmai Ginjo Sake Naganuma unlimited partnership (Nagai-shi)
Toshi Iwaki type  300 ml of people of five Junmai Ginjo Sake  Manager Suzuki Miki well Kura (Nagai-shi)
A cup of sake type 300 ml of people of five Junmai Ginjo Sake Naka offing brewing shop (Kawanishi-machi)
waka*ishiki 300 ml of people of five Junmai Ginjo Sake waka*ishuzo (Iide-machi)
Kamo River type 300 ml of people of five Junmai Ginjo Sake Kamo River brewing (Shirataka-machi)

"Five people" who competed in "five one" five Tomoe and became one, and was born.
Please compare by drinking liquor of Okitama by all means.

●Request of Junmai Ginjo Sake "five person" is this●

It is pickled three depths shop to want to recommend with five people.
It is pickle five kinds set that "octagonal city" was particular about local vegetables.
How is one cup with pickled Okitama? (* ・∀)

●Request of octagonal city is this●

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