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★Taste gives up; "lunch of this week? ?"

★Taste gives up; "lunch of this week? ?" : Image

●When snow flickers, after all is still cold ...; shin 

When the turn of the seasons is easy to fall sick!

All of you, please be careful about body, too!

It is menu of recommended lunch of this week!

●Grilled fish set meal 800 yen Japanese yen

We write to fish in spring and read with "Spanish mackerel" (touch).

It is ...  in spring long in coming

●Ginger-flavored fried foods set meal 800 yen Japanese yen

It was request of "meat" which power & spirit were reflected on!

Classic menu is ..., too!

●Recommended seafood bowl 900 yen Japanese yen

●Prawns tempura bowl 800 yen Japanese yen 

Please by all means!

(photograph is grilled fish set meal!)


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