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Village Cherry Blossom Festival of shirataka classic cherry tree

Village Cherry Blossom Festival of shirataka classic cherry tree: Image

Village Cherry Blossom Festival of shirataka classic cherry tree is started on Saturday, April 14 on Sunday, April 29.


Open: From Saturday, April 14, 2018 to Sunday, April 29

   ※ There is change in end Sun by the flowering situation of cherry tree.

<Time> From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Venue: Kama-no-Etsu farm village Park others


There are seven cherry trees of matter designation natural monument more than 500 years years old in Shirataka-machi, and there is the highlight of classic cherry tree in each place in town. I wanted to see cherry tree which bloomed in each place in the town block and assumed name of Cherry Blossom Festival "village Cherry Blossom Festival of shirataka classic cherry tree". Please enjoy cherry tree of each venue.


In Kama-no-Etsu farm village Park venue,

You can enjoy pretty dance of everybody of "nursery school of cherry tree", performance of "rough grindstone High School brass band club", wonderful dance of hometown "circle Belize" in cherry tree cherry tree stage PART1. "takesanno balloon art" can enjoy picture-story show by "picture book workshop of child" in PART2. In addition, we have performance of local "Takadama-shibai (traditional play)" on Saturday, April 21. We think cherry tree whether you reach in full bloom in these days.

We scratch gakago for two days of 21.22 days (Saturday and Sunday) in April and take and experience this year. We were able to prepare for gakago, too. Please enjoy in venue.



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Shirataka-cho Tourist Association (official site)

We send sightseeing information of Shirataka-machi. Safflower, autumn are komori in spring in sweetfish, winter in cherry tree, summer.

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