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None of the air ver2 must write

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 New item of Ai Nagai, two rabbits company performance 42 no Kawanishi performance that "none of the air ver2 must write" were decided.

 Previous work "the air" which approached in real identity of what's called strange "air" which covered present Japan through the news spot of TV station,
This work which we staged even plaza in March, 2017, and there was big reaction,
It became big topic and Ai Nagai was chosen as best director Prize in the 25th Yomiuri drama award and got high evaluation nationwide.

 New item that we move the stage to reporter for Diet Hall this time and revised more does.
We give appearance to Narumi Yasuda, two people played a wide role called Takashi Matsuo,
Yonezawa native place, swing girls, Hidekazu Majima that edge is deep to plaza by northeastern student music festival,
Erika Mabuchi who was able to come for plaza by komatsu seat "human being pass", young popular actor, five people of Yagishita University.
 Please enjoy new item of Ai Nagai describing the present times vividly.

We sell ticket from Wednesday (holiday) on March 21.

The curtain rises at 18:30 on Friday, August 3, 2018 on the performance date and time
Admission [all seat designation]
      General 5,000 yen Pla's member 4,500 yen young people (under 25 years old) 1,000 yen
Inquiry, application
      Kawanishi-machi friendly plaza telephone 0238-46-3311
                   FAX 0238-46-3313
                   Mail friendlyplaza@gmail .com

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