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Waiting for place of Kamakura

Waiting for place of Kamakura: Image

(2018-2-16 shooting)

It is route bus stop. In the interval, waiting for place of Kamakura is watched in the winter season.


"Kamakura bus stop" of Onogawa Onsen was broadcasted at mini-corner that introduced national unique route bus (bus stop) with "trip special of leisurely loose route bus" from NHK synthesis 19:30.

"Kamakura-mura" of this term was finished on March 11.


Mori (Sumomoyama) of Totoro

Mori (Sumomoyama) of Totoro: Image

"Mori of Totoro" of Sumomoyama, Yonezawa-shi (plum mountain) was introduced at neighboring recommended spots.

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