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◆Purely U.S. fuzz liquor white treasure (to sweep)◆

◆Purely U.S. fuzz liquor white treasure (to sweep) ◆: Image

[purely U.S. fuzz liquor white treasure] But, it is available!

It is easy to drink this fuzz liquor very much and we cool even in the summer and can have deliciously.
Label of pink cloth tension is changed, too and is stylish!

It is fuzz liquor which is delicious even if we just drink,
Delicious how to drink from Kuramoto! We introduce this.

We mix with Mitsuya Cider! We do in this (laugh)
A feeling of new schwa Schwarzenegger who I tried, but is really delicious!
Of course you are delicious, but you break cider, and please just try (^^♪
(such as * ambasa * which the generation comes out, but feels nostalgic for we look.)

720 ml of "purely U.S. fuzz liquor white treasure"

Fuzz liquor delicious even in the summer! You mix with Mitsuya Cider, and please taste with new sense.

Warehouseman: Young no well brewing
Inner capacity: 720 ml
Product cord: haku

Price 1,396 yen (tax-included)


※It is price including gift box charges


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