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[present Sakura Kubo cherry tree Kendama "sum" series]

[present Sakura Kubo cherry tree Kendama "sum" series] : Image

It is Nagai-shi that cooled down from the weekend to yesterday.
Weather good after a long absence today ♪ Cherry tree of downtown begins to bloom here and there, too
As we came, we went to see state of Sakura Kubo.

It did not seem to bloom yet. But! Sakura Kubo of even approximately 1,200 years years old.
Even if do not bloom; dignified presence is ... (゜ Д ゜ no) no

▼As for the cherry tree of on the way home double slope.

As for seeing remaining snow of Nishiyama and collaboration of cherry tree from arbor (*^. ^*)

▼Azalea Park.

It is coming out today for two minutes. As for the one becoming in full blossom soon.

By the way, of product which, by the way, is good in the present season introduce.
▼It is cherry tree of Kendama "sky" "sum" series.

Nagai-shi, Yamagata is the Kendama amount of production first place!
Is nationwide while Kendama of various designs is made; cherry tree
It is Kendama "sky" "sum" series cherry tree dakenandesuyo ヾ (〃 ^ ∇ ^) no to be described

Color is two colors of pearl pink and black.

Kendama which is texture that is good in spring when cherry tree dances in pink ball.

Black Kendama which lets you image going to see cherry blossoms at night.

Not only use as Kendama for competition, but also from attractiveness of appearance
As for having display as ornament ヾ (o' ∀` o)

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