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[Nagai barrier-free map]

[Nagai barrier-free map] : Image

Do you know Nagai barrier-free map?

Which "it is hard to go to wait with wheelchair" "the multipurpose restroom being where"
We receive such a voice and are map which Nagai-shi Japan National Council of Social Welfare plays a key role and made.

Of facility, store in the city,
 ■Establishment information of multipurpose restroom
 ■Having step or not of facility entrance
 ■Restroom (Japanese-Western style), information of parking lot

It becomes nadogawakaruyona contents.

▼Business hours and closed day of facility, store, recommended point list, too!

▼Sightseeing, education in the city, young volunteer people of each section including the welfare,
 We seemed to actually investigate on wheelchair.

It is map to see, and to be able to enjoy which is full of senses of fun♪
"It is long prostrates ourselves and can download Nagai-shi Japan National Council of Social Welfare HP from land".

By the way…
Roadside Station "all and Nagai of river feel relieved in various one, too"; teitadakeruyona
It is provided equipment (*^. ^*)

▼Parking space for wheelchair

▼So that blind person can arrive, too; is raised block in step

▼We follow to reception desk. Wheelchair is available, too.

▼There are multipurpose restroom, nursing room, too.

Such a Roadside Station reaches the first anniversary from opening, too,
We are holding "Thanksgiving Day of the first anniversary" on Sunday on 22nd on 21 Saturday.
Events is varied and looks forward to your coming♪
For more details, from this.

゜ *+: : *゜ *+: : +* ゜ +: : +* ゜ *+: :
Cherry tree around the Roadside Station has place where we begin to be scattered a little,
(^-^*) where petal which dances flutteringly, and is gone is also beautiful
It stops car in Roadside Station, and it is comfortable to stroll in along the Mogami River dike.

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