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Zero zero Z Roadside Station Yonezawa opening of business commemorative Events stage appearance!

Zero zero Z Roadside Station Yonezawa opening of business commemorative Events stage appearance! : Image

We have program of Community FM in both Yonezawa, Fukushima areas and will have active band "zero zero z" (zero zero Z) of local coherence appear on stage!

Musical piece that was made in commemoration of opening of Tohoku Chuo Expressway including announcement of "shine" is sure that swell, thing. Come by all means.



<Date and Time> Friday, April 20, 2018 �13:00 ~, �15:30

        Saturday, April 21 �12:00 ~, �14:00


Schedule of other stage Events, please identify Roadside Station Yonezawa official site.


[zero zero Z]

zero zero z (zero zero Z) is ERIKA(Vo&Gt), Kenji sugar (Ba), fusion pop power trio band by Shingo Katagiri (Dr). From "Tohoku is active mainly on live in the whole country based in Fukushima, Sendai at to the world" from May, 2011, and start. Orthodox school live band which in late years is rare in the J-POP scene that took in element of jazz & fusion and roots music for arrangement in melody that is catchy in pop. World-famous guitar maker ESP(Electric Sound Products), Shingo conclude endosa contract of domestic outstanding drum maker CANOPUS, and ERIKA and Kenji evolve as player every day and raise individual techniques, and they open possibility of music of zero zero Z. We release five pieces of mini albums until now (as for three pieces, national distribution is edition). When we hold the first Tokyo autocrat live on October 23, 2016 and let you succeed, we hold live alone in Fukushima Cultural Center coliseum on Sunday, November 20, the same year. We gain great success. 4th mini-AL "musicΔ" wins "CD shop award 2017 Tohoku block prize" that CD shops staff of the whole country chooses.


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