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★Taste gives up; "lunch of this week? ?"

★Taste gives up; "lunch of this week? ?" : Image

●What shall we wear to temperature difference of morning and evening? We are at a loss, and but this week seems to become hot !

We want to eat cold thing if hot♪

It has a series of (^^)v ... pull and recommends naengmyeon by saying this!

Lunch of this week? ?

〇 It is 900 yen Japanese yen naengmyeon (with mini-kimchi) (only lunch is salad or includes small dish ♥)

・Taste yoshino naengmyeon is "usually" hot. So we prepare "normal" and "asskicking hot" and "sharp taste pear" and look forward to! As number includes limit, it becomes First come, first served.

〇 Grilled fish set meal 800 yen Japanese yen

・We prepare recommended delicious grilled fish of the Sun!

Classic menu

〇 Prawns tempura bowl 800 yen Japanese yen

〇 Recommended seafood bowl 900 yen Japanese yen

Large serving +100 yen, HOT include coffee♥

We look forward to this week!




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