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[Sun 2018in Nagai << notice >> ~ cherry tree communication ~ of Kendama]

[Sun 2018in Nagai << notice >> ~ cherry tree communication ~ of Kendama] : Image

Refreshed season to fade among towns which completely became cherry tree with early leaves from spring to early summer
It is Nagai-shi meeting.
By the way, May 14 "Sun of Kendama." Of the best Kendama amount of production in Japan for competition
In "village of Kendama" Nagai-shi, national-scale Kendama Events is held (*^. ^*)

▼"Bar Nic" loving Kendama and "ninja raise" of friend come up!
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★  "Sun 2018 in Nagai of Kendama"  ★

Saturday, May 12
"# Kendama challenge rally" start
・・At restaurant or store, hotel in ・ Nagai-shi in the case of shopping,
  We let the skill of Kendama succeed, and let's get various privileges!
  In addition, by the points to get on this occasion "original memory
is presented.

<Location> City restaurant, store, hotel

Sunday, May 13
10:00 ninja bear X bar Nic Nagai opening performance
10:05 opening ceremony
Kendama culture introduction of hometown Nagai of 10:25 Kendama
We declare "# Kendama challenge" project start at 11:25
11:30 "# Kendama challenge rally"
15:15 ninja bear X bar Nic Nagai performance
15:25 Kendama mini-game
16:20 prizewinner commendation ceremony

<Location> All and Nagai of Roadside Station river

♪♪♪  For more details, from this  ♪♪♪

・・In ・ place "Sun of Kendama?" ? ?
"The sun and the moon ball" which became model of current Kendama is devised and registers utility model
We are associated on 1919 (1919) done May 14.
▼The sun and the moon ball

On the day Roadside Station "all and Nagai of river are ヽ (^o^) * in one color of Kendama mood during town, too"

▼Kendama open space "SPIKE" in the city casually freely Kendama
Space that we can enjoy. Sky-blue building to see from Nagai Station is mark!

It is Events that Kendama enthusiast can enjoy inexperienced person fir tree ~ nna.
In this event held as part of local construction,
Let's emphasize "hometown Nagai of Kendama" all over the world (^O^)/

▼We check this♪
★ Roadside Station "all and Nagai of river" ★ 

▼As for the rare Kendama which is available only in Nagai♪
★ Request of Kendama from this ★

*+ : : * Cherry tree communication 2018 +: : * ゜
゜ *+: : *゜ *+: : +* ゜ +: : +* ゜ *+: : +* ゜ *+:: +* ゜ *+: It is *+: : +*

Sprout which petal has completely fallen, but is youthful
In impression that peeps face, and is powerful.

▼"Double cherry blossom" in the neighbor of observation Thu reaches in full bloom now.

It is forecast to clear up that is good from tomorrow to GW.
Please drop in at paths of Nagai of refreshing early summer.
゜ *+: : *゜ *+: : +* ゜ +: : +* ゜ *+: : +* ゜ *+:: +* ゜ *+: It is *+: : +*

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