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[cherry tree communication summary version 2018]

[cherry tree communication summary version 2018] : Image

Warm Sun which is easy to spend time continues♪
We were able to see a lot of beautiful Sakura this year.
Flowering Sun of Yamagata Prefecture seemed to be record that was the second earliest since statistics start on "April 4"!

We introduced even this blog as "cherry tree communication",
As we settled state, as the summary version, please see cherry tree of various places throughout the city of this year (^ - ^)

** Observation Thu (the TASS parking lot side) ** 
 ▼March 27 observation start!               ▼Begin to bloom a little on April 12…
             ▼April 16 ~ +*: * To full bloom! *: It is +* 



** Mogami River dike 1,000 cherry tree **

▼It is very comfortable to go through row of cherry blossom trees.
 At full bloom time, lot enjoyed the scenery♪

** Hill ** of the Kusaoka ancient times 
▼Cherry blossoms in full bloom in back of clay doll … We shine!

** Kusaoka-no-Daimyojin-zakura ** (country designation natural monument)
▼Size largest in the country for cherry tree planted in human dwelling…After all it is powerful!

** Isazawa-no-Kubo-zakura (Cherry blossoms) ** (country designation natural monument)
▼He/she had a heated well this year (^ ω ^)

** In addition, it is various ♪ **
▼Row of cherry blossom trees of azalea Park                ▼"Double cherry blossom" next to observation Thu

▼Cherry tree, Roadside Station in full blossom, it is Nishiyama of wish muha remaining snow behind…Wonderful scenery only by this season♪

How about cherry tree of this year? One that the next year is already impatient for is (*^_^*) in being
Season of cherry blossoms passed, but will reach in full bloom of white azalea from now on in Nagai-shi.
White azalea Festival starts on Wednesday, May 10.

▼Today's azalea Park, weather were full of families well, too.
 Bud of white azalea swells out little by little, too♪

▼When festival begins, the snow-white world seems to spread out (state of last year)

Please come to play (^O^)/

[this article is blog of long fan club]
☆E-mail magazine is delivered to member of fan club every month on 1st, 15th♪
▼Application from this!


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