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Irifunetei Sentatsu one-person show

Irifunetei Sentatsu one-person show: Image

Plaza variety hall vol.29 "Irifunetei Sentatsu one-person show"

Irifunetei Sentatsu attracting the audience in handsome style of reciting is plaza variety hall after an interval of three years
We appear in this. Is fan Shin who is good at funny story, human-nature story, but this time
What kind of rakugo may this listen to?
Carry foot to plaza variety hall which can enjoy masterful performance in front by all means.

Sunday, May 27, 2018 15:00 start lobby theater
1,700 yen lower than booking public 3,200 yen PLA's member 3,000 yen high school student
1,900 yen lower than general 3,400 yen PLA's member 3,200 yen high school student on that day

Irifunetei Sentatsu (irifuneteisentatsu)
Association of position rakugo
Musical accompaniment on a stage "shade"

・Brief career history
1964 Nagaoka-shi, Niigata birth
1982 Riccho, Niigata Oka graduation from high school
1982 Kokugakuin University department of literature entrance to school
We become a disciple of Senkyo Irifunetei for the ninth generation in 1989
     Opening act name "cuts out fan"
We change to promotion "fan dragon" in the second in 1993
We are promoted to star performer in 2002

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