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Komi sen restaurant "village of Seki" opening of farmhouse!

Komi sen restaurant "village of Seki" opening of farmhouse! : Image

 We can enjoy dishes using delicious ingredients produced in "Seki district" that is full of nature with the source of mother river "Mogami River" of Yamagata Prefecture!

 As for the commemorative privilege open during GW period.

 Please have taste of ingredients which everybody of Seki district brought up carefully.


<Location> Nanbara community center Seki annex

Open: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 11:00 to 14:00

 May: Esan greens dishes of mountain which woke from long winter!

    3 Thursday, 4 Friday, 5 Saturday, 6 Sunday, 26 Saturday, 27 Sunday


 Jun: Wild plants having just finished being produced and fruit of Seki♪

    2 Saturday, 3 Sunday, 9 Saturday, 10 Sunday, 16 Saturday, 17 Sunday, 23 Saturday, 24 Sunday, 30 Saturday


 Jul: Fresh summer field greens which grew at the Mogami River source!

    1 Sunday, 7 Saturday, 8 Sunday, 14 Saturday, 15 Sunday, 16 Monday, 21 Saturday, 22 Sunday, 28 Saturday, 29 Sunday


 [inquiry, reservation]

  090-9743-2352 (Honda)


  For more details, please see flyer.



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