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Under child drama classroom new attendance straight offer!

Under child drama classroom new attendance straight offer! : Image

In child drama classroom attached to Kawanishi-machi friendly plaza of 2018
It recruits new attendance students.

Through "song and dance, wordplay in child drama classroom,
We convey words properly and learn pleasure to express.
Do you not do drama with many friends on the stage of plaza?!"

●Exercise: Around three times a month of Saturday from 2:00 to 4:00
●Exercise place: Kawanishi-machi friendly plaza, the stage
●Performance: We give a performance in around two times a year, friendly plaza.
●Offer: Second grader ~ junior high student (around 20) of 2018
●The tuition: 1,500 yen a month
●Application method: Please apply to Kawanishi-machi friendly plaza in telephone, FAX, E-mail.

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