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Guidance of GW Mezami Festival Events

Guidance of GW Mezami Festival Events: Image

Entertainment of Roadside Station "Iide" Mezami no Sato tourism product building GW5/4 ~ 5/6

Friday, May 4

 ●~ is irregular at street performance performance & balloon art <road information building ago open space> 10:30

  Three emergency! Secondary to Thursday, May 3, [enjoyment Joy] of pantomime & comedy appears! There is balloon art present of Yamadai jag ring circle, too

Saturday, May 5

 ●It is 30 ~ 00 ~ �13 Sagae Sankurambo PR campaign <road information building is heated> �11

  [we dispel, and kind of Sankurambo has good meeting in Roadside Station] We hold this!

  Entrance fee is free by each 100 time first arrival. Che Lin comes for support, too. It is challenge, let's seed Pooh for record!

 ●Yamagata here character gathers <the hall inside and outside>

  ・[hanagatabenichan] Yamagata-shi

  ・[takakki & hatakki] Takahata-machi

  ・[benitakachan] Shirataka-machi

  ・[pink usahi] Asahi-machi

  ・[we serve and deplore] Kenji Naoe mascot character

Sunday, May 6

 ●Chase; persimmon aquarium <the second floor of the Gifts section theme building> from 10:00 to 15:00

  Fish which performed drawing swims like genuine article?

 ●Collection of working car sizes GO! It is from 10:00 to 15:00 <road information building ago>

From Friday, May 4 to Sunday, May 6

 ●Little child corner <the second floor of the Gifts section theme building> from 9:00 to 17:00

  We scribble on corrugated cardboard freely [taking the ease comes open space]

  In pool of newspaper [do newspaper, and pool]

 ●Flea market <inner hall in strong wind, rainy day> from 10:00 to 16:00

  Chance to find lucky find and favorite including clothing and handmade miscellaneous goods!

 ●Seafood product city <marquee ago> from 10:00 to 17:00

  Seafood delicacy and thick crab stew, delicious thing full loading [coastal highway product] including steamed oyster

 ●Kitchen car <marquee ago>

  Popular [the country], motchimochinodondon firing comes over


Pantomime & comedy

Pantomime & comedy: Image

Performance of enjoyment Joy!

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Coastal highway product

Coastal highway product: Image

Thick crab stew!

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Iide-machi | Roadside Station Iide | Mezami no Sato tourism product building

Taste seasonal in Iide Roadside Station "Mezami no Sato tourism product building" along Route 113.

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