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IWC2018 "SAKE section" is held in Yamagata Prefecture
 "IWC" With this…?
  Competitive show (international wine challenge) of wine of world's largest scale
  It is held every year in London in April.
  From 2007, "SAKE section" which examined sake was founded.

In commemoration of Yamagata Prefecture holding of this "SAKE section" examination committee,
Sake charity sampling party is held in prefecture 5 venue!
Prefecture gourmet who matches liquor, liquor of liquor and Yamagata Prefecture exhibited at examination committee
It is Events which we can taste. In addition, it is lottery and sake tasting Comte
(*^-^*) where strikes seem to be prepared for

<Date and Time> Saturday, May 19 Shinjyo , Sakata, Tsuruoka
     Sunday, May 20 Yamagata, Yonezawa
Ticket: Day of advance sale 2,000 yen 2,500 yen premium advance sale 5,000 yen   
     As for the Details, please see flyer!

You of liking to drink…
 Is there encounter with new liquor without having drunk so far?♪
You who were too unconcerned about liquor…
 Does encounter become delicious sake at opportunity to come to like liquor?♪

As for the holding in Japan of "SAKE section", this time is the third.
How about participating in this Events at very valuable opportunity (^ - ^) or

 In SAKE section in pure mijiu, quality sake brewed from the finest rice, section of nine including sparkling liquor
 We are divided, and examination is carried out. Medal receiving a prize liquor of "Fri" "silver" "copper"
 We are chosen, and "champion salmon" is finally one choice as NO.1
 remasu. The number of the exhibition of this year is with record high with 1,636.
 For ever regional liquor liquor of "Dewa cherry tree brewing" (Yamagata-shi) in 2008,
 We win twice of 2016, "champion salmon"!

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