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[Tohoku Roadside Station stamp rally]

[Tohoku Roadside Station stamp rally] : Image

Do you know how many "Roadside Station" there is in Japan, everybody?
What number,
1,145 stations! There is lot.
160, Yamagata Prefecture have 21 Roadside Station in Tohoku.

In northeastern Roadside Station,
stamp rally is held now.
Stamp is installed in each Roadside Station and can seal stamp book.
(*^-^*) which one stamp book is 300 yen and is selling in Roadside Station

▼Feeling that the contents of stamp book do not come

We push one, stamp every Roadside Station.
It is full of place, business hours of Roadside Station, helpful information including recommended product!
There is discount coupon, too♪

▼"Even all and Nagai of river" are selling. We install stamp in front of guidance window.

When we collect stamps and apply, luxurious prize hits according to the number of stamps!
It is this in detail.

Roadside Station is located for good sense of distance of degree by car for 20-30 minutes if northeastern.
While looking at map; "at first, as for here, the next, can this, the next go to here?…"
It is what pleasant to circulate through Roadside Station while making a plan.
Of local ice-cream cone which can enjoy various taste eat, and comparing is recommended.
For example, "persimmon" "molokheiya" "fig" "taste, how "sharkfin" to take the ease"…etc 
Can you come across taste that you cannot eat only in the Roadside Station
(^ ω ^)?

▼Characteristic local to stamp! There are cool pretty various stamps♪

Time limit of stamp rally is until January 15 of the next year.
On holiday, how is Roadside Station circulation to one hand by stamp book; or
Please drop in at "all and Nagai of river" on this occasion

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☆E-mail magazine is delivered to member of fan club every month on 1st, 15th♪
▼Application from this!


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