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[we accept 5/12, 19 and start!] Date limitation "spring breeze plan"

[we accept 5/12, 19 and start!] Date limitation "spring breeze plan:" Image

Spring-limited "spring breeze" that seasonal bamboo shoot rice and Japanese, Western, and Chinese style banquet dishes including bamboo shoot juice can enjoy

We are accepting on May 12, May 19 on the date of popularity♪♪

▼Make Reservation From Here
[5/12, 19 welcomes!] We enjoy spring with bamboo shoot juice, bamboo shoot rice! Spring-limited advantageous plan ♪ <spring breeze>

In the middle of May when is ideal day for sightseeing, it is recommended to trip to Yamagata☆

By all means with sightseeing of this hotel please enjoy staying♪

Accommodation Tendo Hotel formal HP of bimimotomeshin


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Accommodation Tendo hotel of bimimotomeshin: Image

Accommodation Tendo hotel of bimimotomeshin

It is the latest facility by the accommodation of Tendo Hot Springs maximum. May, 2015 renewal! sankai*.

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