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[meeting full of "Buddhist ascetic greens" eyes]

[meeting full of "Buddhist ascetic greens" eyes] : Image

We reached shipment season of Buddhist ascetic greens, and meeting full of eyes was held this year.
Producers of Buddhist ascetic greens gathered, and explanation, confirmation was carried out about shipment procedure and instructions.
We perform cultivation and shipment with common recognition to produce high-quality Buddhist ascetic greens.

▼Crop methods were explained carefully.

As for the Buddhist ascetic greens cultivation that began on seven producers and product of 7 ares 12 years ago year by year
Increase cultivation and scale of distribution, and is 46 producers this year; the planting of 70 ares,
And the volume of shipment schedules 30 tons how (no * ゜▽゜) no 

▼Delicious Buddhist ascetic greens grow quickly and healthily this year!

★★We experienced Buddhist ascetic greens gain★★
 Visit you to Buddhist ascetic greens farming family in the city, and procedures from harvest of Buddhist ascetic greens to shipment
 We experienced♪

▼Buddhist ascetic greens which reached harvesttime

▼We harvest from the origin and wipe out the origin in Wed of bucket lightly.

▼Water a large quantity of from cut end! This is proof of taste!

▼Wipe off, and bunch tapes water one one while confirming carefully; and bagging. Completion!


It was very valuable experience ♪ Fragrance of Buddhist ascetic greens is appetizing.
Delicacy which was, and took cousin, and did texture of Chinese chives and flavor of alpine leek.
We do taste and become nutritive value yoshide, source of power toward summer (^o^)

Sale is started on 9th.
Port south store which is greens, all and Nagai of Roadside Station river,
You can purchase in "all and Nagai online shop of Roadside Station river".

As you send fresh Buddhist ascetic greens, please use!

▼It can inflect to wide dishes

[this article is blog of long fan club]
☆E-mail magazine is delivered to member of fan club every month on 1st, 15th♪
▼Application from this!


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