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Every month 10th "Sun of tempura bowl"

Every month 10th "Sun of tempura bowl:" Image

Every month 10th
 "Sun of sky (10: ten) bowl"
Yamagata regional chicken (okinoseito breeding)
 Tax-included tempura bowl ... 500 yen of vegetables in this (one coin)
  With miso soup, pickles
※It is ten meals of daily limitation. 
Business hours of restaurant
 ~ open at 11:30
 The 14:30 end (14:00 last order)

Kawanishimachi Yokuyoku Center Madoka: Image

Kawanishimachi Yokuyoku Center Madoka

Hot spring accommodations "Kawanishimachi Yokuyoku Center Madoka" where dome-shaped fine-view terrace gets a lot of looks.

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