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We hold white azalea Festival from today!

We hold white azalea Festival from today! : Image

Season of white azalea came over (`, ω,')

"White azalea Festival" is held from today.


Inquiries increased recently,

~ which we tell about the flowering situation of ~ white azalea




As of 10th, it is in a condition of bud today.

As it began to bloom partly, but bud seemed to be still hard generally

We think whether you flower early next week from the area at the earliest…!


Furuki "seven soldier of the Imperial Guard azalea" is in a condition of bud (', ω ・`)


As it may be mixed up by weather

(^ω^) where we want to tell about the flowering situation regularly




When it is the present time, "wisteria" in azalea Park reaches in full bloom.

Very colorful purple shines (* 'ω `*)

(as there are many bees in the circumference of the present time wisteria, please be careful enough)



In addition, sale of box seat of black lion Festival starts from today, too.

As there is still number space slightly, we would appreciate your feeling free to contact.


A seat…Remainder 9 measure (A-38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 51, 52, 53)

C seat…Remainder 1 measure (C-14)


[is sold out]

All the S seats, all the B seats



☆. : *・° ☆. : *・° ☆. : *・° ☆☆ . : *・° ☆. : *・° ☆. : *・°☆
In full bloom expectation or the latest situation,
We will tell in this "Nagai-shi portal site" at any time!
Please check!

We perform sending of leaflet and tourist brochure of Nagai-shi.
If you like, please feel free to contact from this!

☆. : *・° ☆. : *・° ☆. : *・° ☆☆ . : *・° ☆. : *・° ☆. : *・°☆


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Nagai-shi tourist association

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