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About oil Ostrich fern (kogomi) (blue) (red)

About oil Ostrich fern (kogomi) (blue) (red): Image

We are assigned to the name with "Ostrich fern (kogomi)", but are wild plants of kind entirely different from Ostrich fern (kogomi). "Oil Ostrich fern (kogomi)" grows to by one whereas Ostrich fern (kogomi) becomes bunch from the same stock and grows. Therefore it is called "one Ostrich fern (kogomi)" and is said to be "blue Ostrich fern (kogomi)" "red Ostrich fern (kogomi)" from color of stem. The standard name is called "Kiyota Kishida".

According to the name…Fatty taste was characteristic, and originally dried, and boiled hard like Osmunda japonica (zenmai), and ate, but these days…We will have boiled greens with dressing without drying and we boil with thread kon or fried bean curd like Osmunda japonica (zenmai) dishes and eat.

You cannot harvest so a lot with rare wild plants, but please have such a natural oil Ostrich fern (kogomi) by all means.


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