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★Delicious dishes and hot spring and "Semi shikakeri"

  • ★Delicious dishes and hot spring and "Semi shikakeri"
  • ★Delicious dishes and hot spring and "Semi shikakeri"

★Sunday, June 3 holding "Semi shikakeri 2018"★

 Delicious dishes and hot spring ... and "mini-shikakeri"
Semi shikakerikaijo
It is family Events developed in Yoshitsune village "Semi Hot Springs" related to Benkei.
As there is many Courses, even beginner can enjoy.
Decorations contest and daily toy store,
As for the dance announcements of Semi District traditional arts "Yoshitsune Benkei drum," 
Events which is pleasant as well as race is varied♪
Admission is free this year.
In addition, one copy of stamp rally day program belonging to is 100 yen.
Let's get luxurious premium in stamp rally (^ o ^); /
We return to child's mind by good old [mini-shikakeri] play,
Please enjoy with family and friend slowly!

<Date and Time> Sunday, June 3 from 10:45 to 16:30

       10:00     The opening
       00~10 can run 30-free 10
        10:45     Opening ceremony
Venue: Former Semi Elementary School
Admission Admission for free, program (belonging to stamp rally) copy 100 yen
Contact Semi Hot Springs Hotel Association 0233-42-2123


 "Semi shikakeri" special site is this place
●Events contents
●Good old mini-shikakeri (plastic model)
●Many beginner and family, friend and games to be able to enjoy
●Grand prix stamp rally which luxurious premium hits
●Decorations contest of mini-shikakeri
●Daily toy store
●Semi Hot Springs, traditional Yoshitsune Benkei drum
●Branches such as cotton rain or yakisoba
●Behavior of specially made Imoni of Mogami…nadonado
Downloading of Events flyer is this


★Semi shikakeri*betsushukuhaku pack★

 We prepare "Semi shikakeri*betsushukuhaku pack" with advantageous privilege!

  Semi Hot Springs        Hot water of cicada

 ●It is specially discounted in each inn
 ●Public bathhouse "hot water of cicada" free of charge
 ●Meal ticket present which is usable in Events
 ●Stamp rally program for free which luxurious premium hits belonging to


[special accommodation pack] Inn which this is available to

 *Outlook on yumemino accommodation pine building �0233-42-2311

 *yugenkishiro     �0233-42-2011

 *Inn Ogawaya     �0233-42-2411

 *Inn Hoteiya    �0233-42-2427

 *Ebisu shop inn     �0233-42-2410

 *Accommodation magoroku �0233-42-2031 of the four seasons


 Inquiry is Semi Hot Springs Hotel Association 0233-42-2123
 Semi Hot Springs homepage is this place

★Guidance of precedent tentative running★

We throw Courses used in Events open during from 10:00 to 16:00 on Saturday, June 2 on the day before.
As you leave open to all the participants, let I am stirred up and run tentatively.


Information of Mogami-machi is "MOGAPO"!

Satoshi Takahashi: Image

Mogami-machi tourist association

It is early summer rain notebook of Mogami-machi tourist association

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