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[the 29th long black lion Festival - Shiroyama Shrine, Kotai Shrine (Koide) -]

[the 29th long black lion Festival - Shiroyama Shrine, Kotai Shrine (Koide) -] : Image

Koide Shiroyama Shrine, Kotai Shrine
It is lion dance performer (as for the great man that we did not win, pitching a camp asked) (^ ▽ ^*)/

Lion of two companies dances at the same time, and force is more than double, too.
Swing that up rainfall of comings and goings and stairs from main shrine is solemn in the highlight.

Is old, and, as for the origin of lion of Koide, begin as Shinto ritual, to parishioner
Organization of lion people stopping by is oldest. It is city designation intangible cultural asset.


Introduction of Shinto shrine
 Shiroyama Shrine: Object of worship is said to be line basis bishop product, in later 1264,
 Perform kansei of divided divine spirit of Hakusan, Kaga ratio  Shrine, current shrine tonarima
 We did. Annual festival Sun: Shiroyama Shrine September 9

 Kotai Shrine: Receive main shrine building of Ise Grand Shrine; sochin of whole Okitama
 We are enshrined as shu. Annual festival Sun: Kotai Shrine September 8
Annual festival Sun of 2017: September 8, 9th

▼Black lion Festival is the climax, too!

▼We are broadcasting even radio which cried live!

 We listen on Internet simultaneous radio

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